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Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC to offer voluntary online courses to support applicants during the entrance process for the IBEW/NECA apprenticeship training program to provide a better understanding of the electrical construction industry and the requirements.

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Featured Courses

  • Interview Skills

    Interview Skills

    This course introduces you to the unique structure of the IBEW/NECA Apprenticeship Interview and offers guidance on preparing for the interview.

  • Math Aptitude

    Math Aptitude

    Refresh your math skills here and be ready for the test. This course reviews math fundamentals and is directly in line with the IBEW/NECA Math Aptitude Test.

  • Reading Comprehension

    Reading Comprehension

    Get more out of everything you read and prepare for the test. This course breaks down paragraphs and passages, offering tips for better, faster reading comprehension. In addition to a diagnostic test to assess your skills at the start of the course, you will have access to three practice tests to get you ready for the IBEW/NECA Reading Aptitude Test.

  • The Work of an Electrician

    The Work of an Electrician

    When people commonly think about an electrician, they picture wires, outlets, and fuse panels. The work of an electrician is actually much more broad and includes the installation and maintenance of many items that surround us every day. This course provides those interested in the electrical trade an opportunity to learn more about the various skills and working environments of today’s electrical worker.